Finnair Virtual joins ATLAS on creating ATC Career mode

Finnair Virtual joins ATLAS on creating ATC Career mode

At VACenter, our commitment to providing solutions for virtual airlines is strengthened through collaborations with like-minded partners.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Finnair Virtual, a prominent virtual airline within the Infinite Flight community. Together, we have developed the headlining feature of ATLAS v1.4 ATC Mode, a feature that seamlessly integrates the roles of pilots and air traffic controllers within the ALTAS platform.

In this blog post, we explore the collaborative journey behind the creation of ATC Mode and highlight the invaluable contributions of Finnair Virtual in shaping this groundbreaking feature.

Request & Planning

Finnair Virtual approached VACenter with a vision and a strong desire to enhance their crew center experience through the integration of air traffic control functionalities. VACenter subsequently engaged in planning discussions with Finnair Virtual to understand their specific requirements and gather valuable insights.

Testing & Feedback

After VACenter completed the development of a prototype for ATC Mode, Finnair Virtual played a crucial role in providing invaluable feedback during the testing phase. The staff of Finnair Virtual actively participated in testing the feature within ATLAS. Their insights were instrumental in fine-tuning ATC Mode to ensure its seamless behaviour and functionality.


Thanks to the work of the VACenter and Finnair Virtual teams, ATC Mode has been released. This groundbreaking feature now allows virtual airlines to designate members as air traffic controllers, enhancing the management experience.

Going Forward

The partnership with Finnair Virtual is just the beginning of our commitment to collaborative innovation. VACenter continues to explore opportunities to work closely with virtual airlines, listening to their needs and leveraging their expertise to develop new features that enhance the ATLAS experience. We look forward to further collaborations and the exciting possibilities they hold.



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